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Why Technical Diving?

Diving is an evolving science and as such a progressive approach to incorporate safer, better and more efficient dive protocols becomes a necessary pursuit. Often misunderstood for gung-ho divers who simply go deeper and deeper, tech diving is more than just depth quests. Technical Diving arms divers with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking to conduct safer and longer dives. The benefits of learning tech diving go beyond the depths of the ocean and carries on in our daily lives.

Why train with Big Fins?

Anyone who has been part of the Big Fins family will attest to our sincerity in educating divers to be safer, better and technically savvy. Technical diving cannot be mastered with rigid course structures or time constraints. Mastery of the skills and knowledge takes time and practice. We believe with both and the right mindset, anyone can become a great technical diver. At Big Fins, we understand divers come from all walks of lives with varying dive experiences. Hence, we practice a critical measure of a diver’s ability and genuinely plan a course that is well suited to the diver’s or teams’ needs. Preparing technical divers for a great number of underwater scenarios means the difference between a safe, disciplined diver and one that could endanger themself or others. But it is not all-hard work. At Big Fins we are seriously fun divers.


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The Technical Dive Centre in Tulamben, Bali - Home to veteran divers . We have a great selection of courses and take pride in 

nurturing hobbyists and professionals alike. Our belief system derives from making technical diving accessible to all. However,

we do not simply tick boxes. Our programs and mindset prepares divers to go deeper but also caters to divers staying

underwater longer, safer. Housed with equipment for all your technical needs, our staff members will be more than happy to

assist certified divers in ideation, planning and provide special services for their technical dives each step of the way. Feel free

to pick up the phone with any questions you have and we’ll be glad to help.

Why Big Fins?
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