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The Bali Collective
Some of the businesses we have founded and/or collaborating with to create a cohesive Amed community.

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Mandies Secret

Kong's Kitchen

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Big Fins


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The Pursuit of Happiness

At Big Fins we are a big proponent of investing in mental health. Our initiatives go beyond regular "holidays". Our passion addresses specific communities with the aim of introducing cohesive activities . The tailored approach also means that we bring like minded people together and form a supportive network of friends.

Upcoming Key Events

Are you a single parent?
Join our bonding programme with your child or children. The positive environment and collaborative activities such as diving bring strong reinforcements to child-parent relationships. Find our more

City to Village Initiative
Living in the city can take its toll on most of us. We are not always built for it. The city to village initiative allows people like you and me to find ourselves amongst the rural landscape. Learn how you can invest in simpler yet fruitful dreams. Find our more.

Coral Reforestation
Intersted to save the planet one coral at a time? Join our ocean gardener programs. Our volunteer courses cater to green noobs all the way to warriors. Select an internship that suits you. Find our more.

TekDeepAsia Internship
Apply to join our paid dive internship program designed to equip future instructors with the know how of technical diving technical dive ops, safety and technical dive conduct. We are looking for young enthusiastic rescue divers and above to apply. All pro level candidates are welcomed to apply.


Our Humble Secret

When the founders moved to the remote area of east Bali many years ago, they wanted to keep it a secret. They didn't want to let the cat out of the bag and transform Amed and the surrounding areas into a Kuta. But having lived and benefited tremendously from the lifestyle Amed has to offer, keeping this secret also meant not contributing to the mental wellness and independence of thousands more. 

From their humble beginnings with a single dive shop, they have grown with multiple ventures and always looking to assist like minded people to invest in opportunities that have purpose and deep personal meanings. The founders assist people from all walks of life to establish a counterbalance to their city lives which recharges them as and when it is needed. Together they find peace of mind by "Breathing Amed, Living Life".

Why Big Fins?

Get in Touch

Due to covid we were forced to restructure our business. However, this gave us the much needed to push to rethink who we are and what we aspire to do. While our website is currently being upgraded, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for any information. Feel free to email or chat with us via the modes listed below.


+65 93892437

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