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Technical Dive Gear

Unlike recreational diving ,where divers generally tend to invest in equipment after they have completed Open Water or higher, it is highly recommended for entry level tech divers to invest in personal tech gear as early as possible.

Owning personal tech gear such as tech computers will enable candidates and instructors to explore and configure equipment from the beginning together. This will establish a higher level of comfort and confidence in performing technical dive tasks. Shop equipment, for example sidemount harnesses, are often configured for simplicity so changes between students can be adjusted relatively quickly and efficiently. However, this means that trainees will have configure their own equipment without guidance. Especially when exploring tech computers and understanding the various features and information - Nothing beats learning first hand the intricacies of the device during the training. 

We carry limited supplies of various gear and work with our divers beforehand on what is required, needed and good to have. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Shearwater Tech computer.png

Technical Dive Computer

One of the most important investment you will make in technical diving is purchasing a suitable computer. There are numerous tech diving computers out there that employs various algorithms such as the Buhlmann ZH16 B or GF and utilises a host of functions from multiple gas selections and dive modes such as OC or CCR. Thus, making a decision on what is the right computer for you is not always easy. Though, there are numerous brands out there, the fundamental function of the tech computer is to facilitate decompression dives in a safe and efficient manner. This criteria is met by all the computers in the market. So how do you then decide what is right for you? 

One the reasons the instructors at Big Fins use the Shearwater is because it serves every need of our dives. Functioning as a 3 gas nitrox recreational computer to Tec multi gas trimix decompression computer to Closed Circuit with fixed PPO2, the shearwater is more than enough to meet our needs. However, that does not mean we are against divers using other computers. Our approach is to standardise usage and create familiarity on the Shearwater because its works. Have a chat with our instructors whoa re happy to assist you with the questions you may have.

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