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One of the core aspects of tech diving is understanding the use of Nitrox. Often marketed as the mix to increase NDLs, Nitrox is more than lengthening dives. In tech diving, Nitrox is safely used to make decompression obligations efficient. A fundamental of tech diving is getting out of the water safely and in a timely manner - Nitrox plays the crucial part in this tech practice.

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Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures 45m

This TDI program is a package program of both Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures which are standalone courses. However, we feel it often serves the diver a lot better when these courses are combined. Kindly enquire more if you are keen to do them as standalone porgrams. 

Alas, with effects of global warming, marine life increasingly seeks shelter in deeper waters. Naturally, however, larger marine life such as the Mola Molas, dwell deeper than recreational dive limits. And, there are some of us who simply want to get tad bit deeper to be away from other divers and experience the serenity of coral beds with close mates in their own space and time. But regardless of preference, the number one reason divers train to become ANDP certified is to plan and execute longer, safer dives at depths till 45m. This course arms divers with the critical knowledge and skills to conduct decompression dives. It is important to note that even though divers will be certified up to 45m, the program is a lot more than achieving depth. Divers are able to conduct decompression dives even at shallower depths with staged decompression of up to 25 minutes. This is especially beneficial to completely experience a dive site such as the USAT Liberty in Tulamben Bali. Most divers are unaware and unable to experience corals beds in the “Liberty Garden” to its fullest because they are untrained to conduct decompression dives even at depths of 27m. This dynamic course will prepare divers with interesting physiological theories and leave divers in amazement as to what an amazing “machine” our body is.

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Extended Range 55m

Dive sites in Tulamben have been known to have a little bit of everything - Fom the most sought after Nudis to elusive thresher sharks and hammerheads. The issue is, these sharks often dwell deeper than most divers care to go. But at Big Fins we spend big time training so that we can sight these big fishes. The thrill of even glimpsing marine life of this magnitude makes the training all worthwhile. 

The TDI Extended Range gives trainees an opportunity to build on their knowledge and skills acquired at the ANDP program. With 2 stage tanks means additional safety considerations such as gas MOD are in order. 

This program is highly popular with those who have completed their ANDP and want to explore famous wrecks around the world that are resting deeper than 50m. 

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